Donald E. Belsito Sr.
Master Instructor 7th Degree Black Belt
Tang Soo Do Masters Alliance

Belsito Martial Arts Association
Sa Bom Nim/Sho Dai Soke/Sifu

Catskill Martial Arts Academy/Owner

Master Belsito started his martial arts training in Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo
Do under the tutelage of his father Walter Belsito Sr. In 1971. He has been
training, studying and researching in the martial arts for many years. He has
taught over a thousand students and promoted students to black belt and at
the master black belt level.
Mr. Belsito has done demonstrations, seminars and summer camps on
Weapons, Jujutsu, Ninjutsu and Tang Soo Do throughout New England. He
competed in the Professional Karate League (P.K.L.) and was rated in
sparring, forms, and weapons.

1990 Member of the USA Intersport Karate Team,
Russia, Poland, and Amsterdam.

Over the years Master Belsito has had the pleasure of studying with many  
Instructors, Masters and Grandmaster's of many different Martial Arts
systems and styles.His two main Instructors in the art of Tang Soo Do
Grandmaster Walter Belsito Sr.
Grandmaster Robert Cheezic

The Arts trained  in over the last Forty years
Aikido, Aikijujutsu, Hapkido, Judo, Jujitsu, Kajukido, Kali, Kempo,
Pai Lum White Dragon, Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do,
Wing Cuan, Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and Ninjutsu

Holder of several Different Black Belts

In addition to teaching Mr. Belsito produced his own TV program
kickin it for two years on public access.

September 20, 2004 Designated - Shodai Soke/Inheiriter
Belsito Tang Soo Do Karate Association

Master Belsito's Current Instructors are as follows:
Grand Master Walter Belsito Sr.-Tang Soo Do/Tai Chi Chuan
Grand Master Robert Gordon-Judo/Jujitsu
Shawn Cole-Brazilian Jui Jitsu
Donald E. Belsito Sr.
Robert Cheezic
Walter Belsito Sr.

1990 Moscow, Russia
1990 Russia L-R  
Laurence Bergamo,
Donald  Belsito
Raphael Velez
1973  Age six
Yellow Belt
1992 New London, CT
Bill"Superfoot" Wallace Seminar
Master Belsito,Grand Master Robert Cheezic
Professional Karate
League, Awards 1991
1st Place Hartford, CT
Master Belsito's first Black
Belt Test
1990 Master Belsito &
Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
Master Belsito and Grand Master Robert Cheezic
Scene from Television Show
Master Belsito and Master Vincent Perri
1974 Torrington, CT
Hamzy Karate Tournament
Hanshi Gelinas
Karate Summer Camp
2007 Terryville, CT
Brian Krause and Master Belsito
Grand Master Walter Belsito, Master Mikhail Levitin fifth degree
black belt in Karate & Ju Jitsu.and Master Donald Belsito
Grand Master Robert Gordon and Mr. Belsito